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Tiedemann Globe, has 18 years of experience sorting and selling vintage clothing and accessories. We ship throughout the United States and also take shopping appointments from buyers. Contact us to find out how you can start receiving amazing vintage items that will ensure your store is timeless!

We supply the best recycled clothing and accessories from over 20 years

We are a Phoenix, Arizona-based company, we’re a one-stop shopping experience for people who resell gently used vintage and name-brand items. We take great pride in selling quality merchandise at wholesale prices in large quantities. Our lots are recommended for anyone looking to buy bulk. Expect to receive a few items with small holes or stains. Please don’t look for specific sizes. Buying in bulk doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get inexpensive prices. Rather, you may find some “hidden treasures” among a large box of items just purchased. Our specialty pieces are recommended for collectors or people looking for that perfect jacket, concert T-shirt or denim clothing.

Our Team

Amy Tiedemann, Vice Precident

Tony Tiedemann, Founder & CEO

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806 S 56th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85043

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