As a response to the new coronavirus spread, we’re allocating our resources to help relieve the crisis through logistics and telemedicine services.


  • Disaster Relief Logistics – It’s important that you get the moving of essential goods done right. We at Tiedemann Globe have an infrastructure built over several years in the market, and we can assure quality and safety transport of your goods. We will use our resources to help you ship critical supplies like food, medicine, water, tissue papers, wiping rags and much more within the USA.


  • Urgent Express Logistics – We move things fast. Our essential team of experienced individuals is always ready to respond. Tiedemann Globe hopes to help essential companies that have increased urgent demand for any emergency delivery services. We are ready to go where help is needed.


  • Telemedicine – For an immediate remote medical care access, our naturopathic physician (Dr. Shenice Wright) can give you expert medical guidance quickly. Dr. Wright can screen, answer questions, and suggest the next steps you should take. Our telemedicine is via the Arizona Holistic Care Clinic, located in the same building.


Please contact us for more information