Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers
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What grades of clothing does Tiedemann Globe have?
“All of them. We produce a consistent product that will allow you to make money. Fill out a packing list so we may understand your needs.”

How are the goods packaged?
“Generally, 100-pound (45 kilograms) or 100-piece small bales are the norm. Knowing your time is valuable, it will benefit both of us if you complete the packing list.”

What are your prices? How much does a container cost?
“Prices vary depending on container mix. We don’t have the lowest prices. However, we offer consistent quality and “The Globe” has a great reputation. The first step is to fill out your packing list. Preferably, we’d like to have you e-mail us a current supplier’s invoice.”

What are your payment terms?
“Initially, advance payment is required. Upon receipt, we will begin producing the load. All funds must be received in full before booking and loading the container.”

What are shipping costs?
“Inland freight depends upon the size of the container and weight of cargo loaded. We work directly with most steamship lines to offer our valued customers competitive rates.”

How long does it take to manufacture a container?
“As fast as we can. Generally, two weeks for the first order. If e-mail is not an option, you can Fax the packing list request to (602) 278-6755 FREE.”
We have our own freight forwarder. They handle the container’s transport to and from its final destination.
“That’s great! Tiedemann Globe can also help coordinate all logistics between our Phoenix, Arizona-based warehouse in the U.S. and the port. We are happy to use a booking from our customer’s freight forwarder for the ocean freight port to port.”

What documentation does Tiedemann Globe provide its customers upon shipping?
“Whatever documentation you need. Normally, a packing list and a final invoice with shipment details are required for the transaction. In addition, documentation consists of three sets of “Original Bills of Lading” and three non-negotiable sets. If our customers require further documentation, our staff reviews documents from previous shipments and determines how to provide customers with those as well.”

What if my shipment needs an inspection?
“Most markets require it. We’re experts in dealing with all inspection companies.”