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Tiedemann Globe Incorporated

ReClothing The World 1 Pound at a Time!

Tiedemann Globe is seeking a Paralegal with a unique set of skills to enhance our executive operations. While you may not engage in traditional legal work, your paralegal background will be instrumental in managing complex tasks and supporting our executive team. Your ability to think critically, organize meticulously, and communicate effectively will drive our company’s success.


  • Utilize your paralegal skills for in-depth research, document management, and executive support.
  • Oversee and streamline complex projects and tasks with precision.
  • Act as a liaison between the executive team and internal departments, as well as external partners, ensuring seamless coordination.


  • Paralegal certification or significant experience in a paralegal role.
  • Exceptional organizational and communication skills, with a knack for managing multiple priorities.
  • A proactive approach to problem-solving and task management, capable of working independently to meet tight deadlines.

Why You? We’re specifically looking for someone with a paralegal background not just for the skills you’ve honed in legal settings but for your analytical thinking, attention to detail, and ability to navigate complex scenarios. This role offers the chance to apply your expertise in a dynamic environment, directly contributing to the strategic goals of our leadership.

Join Us: Step into a role that transcends the conventional boundaries of paralegal work. Be the driving force behind our executive team, managing projects that shape the future of Tiedemann Globe. If you’re ready to leverage your paralegal background in a new and impactful way, we want to hear from you.

Dive into a role where your paralegal skills will pave the way for success beyond the legal realm. Send your resume and join the Tiedemann Globe team.