Tiedemann Industrial Supply

Tiedemann Industrial Supply (TIS), a division of Tiedemann Globe, Inc., is based in Phoenix, Ariz. Founded by Tony Tiedemann in 1998, and built on consistency, longevity and reliability, the company sells recycled wiping rags and industrial supplies. TIS prides itself on exceeding the expectations of its customers. We specialize in wiping solutions. What separates us from the competition? Circular “punch out” holes in our “Box of Rags” means access to rags is easy and convenient. We offer variety: Our boxes come in 50, 25, 10, and five pound sizes. Two-pound bags are also available. Our “private label” boxes help personalize your buying experience. All products are manufactured and packed locally by our experienced staff. Quickness counts: We have fast turn-around times on orders Twelve years of experience translates into consistent quality of product Our customers use our products for a variety of things (cleaning, polishing and spill control are the most common), but they are available for every application. Products are supplied to facilities in several business segments, including industrial, institutional, hospitality, health care, and retail facilities. Common customers include paint supply stores, auto shops, golf courses, cabinet companies, restaurants, and many more.

With a large variety of grades of cleaning rags available, you can count on Tiedemann Industrial Supply for quality and savings.In all likelihood, we have the ability to find whatever industrial supply product you need. Goggles, gloves, car wash towels, bar mops, surgical towels etc. How can we work together to help the environment? Recycling textiles avoids many of the polluting and energy intensive processes needed to make textiles from virgin materials. As an environmental leader, we keep textiles in circulation and out of the landfills. And from our experience, we know that if we provide the option of textile recycling, customers like you will take advantage of these resources. Working together, we hope to encourage people to consider sensible use of our planet’s land and resources.

A few of our products include:

  • Colored knit wipers (ideal for auto shops, electrical and maintenance contractors)
  • White knit wipers (free from color and our most popular wiper)
  • Terry towels (water absorbent…good for janitorial)
  • White fleece (for heavy grease/oil, roofing/tar)
  • Colored fleece (often used by restoration and cement companies, heat/air conditioning and general fabricators)
  • Flannel (heat/air manufacturers and fabricators, fire protection, duct cleaning, janitorial and repair, cleaning tools and parts)
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